Sunday, November 14, 2010

Blog reloaded

It seems that I need a blog, after all. There're so many interesting things around... And some of them I even do/tackle myself, so I don't want to forget what/how I did that while moving to other interesting things. I could write private notes, but I learn lot of interesting things by just reading the Internet and blogs in particular. But not all - again, some stuff I need to research in-depth or make myself. Then, I'd like to share it back.

I was thinking for some time if I should make a new blog or continue this one. But after re-reading old posts, now I'm sure I don't want to leave this little blog orphaned ;-).

The only issue, is that this blog was started as dedicated to Embedded Linux, and may be included in some thematic feed aggregators/blog planets. I still hope to write about Embedded Linux, but going to extend scope to other topics. It's still going to be IT- and technology-centered. So, if you're a planet admin and think that new format doesn't fit your resource, feel free to remove it. If you're a reader which started to get posts on unexpected topics, feel free to report to you aggregation service. (Either way, feel free to drop me a line too.)

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