Sunday, December 16, 2007

Angstrom 2007RC1 is here!

Yesterday, Angstrom 2007 Release Candidate 1 was tagged in OpenEmbedded repository and corresponding images where built using autobuilder and uploaded to the autobuild area. They are waiting for machine mentors to test them and move to public download area. The latter was cleared from the older snapshots, and there even small FUD started among the users, so I've posted a small announcement to describe release-time order of things. That said, mentors are acting slow, with only your humble servant have moved h3900, h4000, and hx4700 images to there final location.

A word about versioning - as was announced, final release will be dubbed 2007.12, while RC go as 2007.11.

There're more exciting things to come, at least in PocketPC/WindowsMobile area - RFC was posted on very easy installation procedure for novice users, and that's in addition to LiveRamdisks, of course.

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