Saturday, September 29, 2007

More Angstrom LiveRamdisks

Last week, I spent some time to elaborate and automate LiveRamdisks production with the aim to mass-produce them from now on. Taking into account previous agreement with Angstrom maintainers to host them at the main Angstrom download area, this means that eventually there will be a user-friendly way to try a recent Angstrom snapshot on any supported PocketPC/WindowsMobile device.

With these new scripts, Angstrom x11 LiveRamdisks for the following devices were generated and uploaded:
  • h2200
  • h3900
  • h4000
  • h5000
  • hx4700
For h4000 and hx4700, also OPIE LiveRamdisks were uploaded.

Current problem with this is that uploading images in different formats (and LiveRamdisk is just another such format of course) means trafficking the same data over the net again and again, and I don't have such a big pipe. So, instead, I created a set of image conversion tools which would allow to upload master image format (apparently, tar.bz2) and convert it to other formats and make LiveRamdisk out of it right on the Angstrom hosting service

Right now, I'm building current Angstrom snapshosts, and going to try these tools on them...