Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Finally out of the list of pressing OE issues

With the last changes to properly support modprobe 2.6 for kernel module configuration directive, I can't remember other pressing issues with OE which would prevent its proper and flexible usage for distro engineering. Among the other infrastructure changes done within the last half-year with I was involved are:
  • Support for building efficient initrd/initramfs images
  • Flexible and extensible initramfs to boot rootfs from different media
  • Adding support for machine screen properties
  • Image building speed improvements
  • Alleviating maintenance effort for kernel porting projects with lots of supported devices (using defconfigman)
With all these and other changes, era of grunt work on OE should be over, and finally more effort can be dedicated to more sensible work - Angstrom distro engineering and software/package porting and maintenance.

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