Sunday, June 24, 2007

Blog start and older news

I always treated blogs (and generally diaries) skeptically, but well, all tools have their uses. So, I'm going to start blogging on my Embedded Linux (well, probably not only embedded) endeavors.

And first of all, older news, which I kept in my wiki page.

  • 2005-11-13: Subscribed to the h4100-port mailing list.
  • 2005-11-29: Confirmed by bisecting that PXA suspend/resume broke in 2.6.13 comparing to 2.6.12. Turned out ot was fixed in 2.6.15
  • 2005-11-29: Subscribed to the kernel-discuss mailing list.
  • 2006-02-03: Proposal for asic3_mmc cross-machine refactor.
  • 2006-02-05: Faced strange issue with ASIC3 suspend/resume, took few months to resolve ;-)
  • 2006-05-30: Posted patch for h4000 ASIC3 suspend/resume problem, turned out to be as "simple" as initializing MSCx PXA registers after resume, what Linux kernel doesn't do (leaving that to bootloader). Anyway, this was second big issue I solved, and after that I felt "force" ;-).
  • 2006-06-03: Started to work on final version asic3_mmc cross-machine refactor, based on the previous experiments.
  • 2006-06-19: Final version of asic3_mmc cross-machine refactor posted.
  • 2006-06-21: Granted write access to ! Kernel CVS repository.
  • 2006-08-20: Posted RFC for common button map for all PDA-type machines.
  • 2006-08-24: Granted write access to OpenEmbedded Monotone repository.
  • 2006-09-20: Unofficial Familiar 0.8.4 release for h4000.
  • 2006-10-03: Received donation of h3900 device to support elaboration of 2.6 kernel port for it and advance userspace/distrubutions support. Contributor: Mr. Alex Deucher. Thank you!
  • 2006-10-11: Posted patch for common button map for all PDA-type machines.
  • 2006-10-18: Received donation of hx4700 device to support elaboration of 2.6 kernel port for it and advance userspace/distrubutions support. Contributor: preferred to stay anonymous, but many thanks!
  • 2006-11-09: Upgraded kernel CVS to 2.6.18.
  • 2006-11-14: Finished implementation of asic3_keys driver and making sure it works well with gpio_keys.
  • 2006-11-21: With having common linux-handhelds-2.6_*.bb and consistent names for all iPaq machines, first phase of cleaning up HH.orh-maintained machines in is complete.
  • 2006-12-02: Upgraded kernel CVS to 2.6.19.
  • 2006-12-19: Angstrom upgraded to 2.6.16-hh8 kernel with common buttonmap support.
  • 2006-12-22: h3900 reached full "C" status, with partial "B" status, in other words, basic PDA functionality works!
  • 2006-12-28: h3900 2.6 port added to, requested support by Angstrom.
  • 2007-01-04: Initial release of [ defconfigman]
  • 2007-01-10: Started to revamp OPIE support in, starting with cleaning up qte patchset.
  • 2007-01-18: Received new contribution: h3600 and palmtt2 devices. Thanks! Now I have access to PXA250, PXA255, PXA270, StrongArm, OMAP devices.
  • 2007-01-20: asus620 port updated in CVS. Thanks to Vincent Benony, asus620 maintainer.
  • 2007-01-21: defconfigman kernel's sound tested to work with GPE. Both h3900 and h4000 in now have defconfigs generated by defconfigman. h4000 updated to use modules for sound.
  • 2007-02-16: Upgraded kernel CVS to 2.6.20.
  • 2007-03-05: Continuous Integration system for kernel tree set up,
  • 2007-03-17: Proposal to use Defconfigman-generated configs for kernel CVS, to improve consistency and CI coverage.
  • 2007-04-11: GPIODEV API RFC posted to LKML/LAKML
  • 2007-04-26: All 30 ports in CVS are buildable now (for 2.6.20)!
  • 2007-05-01: SoC base drivers RFC posted to LKML.
  • 2007-05-07: Upgraded kernel CVS to 2.6.21.
  • 2007-05-11: ipkg speedup patches committed to
  • 2007-05-15: Mystery of PCMCIA ACX is solved, first WiFi ping on h4000!
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